11 Colourful Stacker with Shapes Sorting Puzzle


Beautiful wooden arch set that can be stacked in endless combinations. It can also be a spectacular play structure for tiny toys. Sometimes, it can be used as tunnels, boats, or to create mazes with different players involved .. endless creativity and possibilities!

Size: Rainbow colour arch 10cm (H) * 4.5cm (W) *10cm (L)

Weight: 200g

Colors: featuring 7 colours of rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple)

Beautiful set and is perfect

  • as an ideal set for introducing STEM concepts such as construction, spatial reasoning skills, patterning and more!
  • to cultivate imagination, creativity and coordination
  • to recognize and establish the connection between abstract concepts or images

What’s in the box:
11 stacks of rainbow circular stacked with various shape

After care:
Wipe with damped clothes and let it dry, may re-polish it with jujube oil or wax

Suitable Age:
3+ years old and above

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