Dolphin Round Bead Cart


7.3cm (H) * 13cm (L) * 1.5cm (W)

102 g

Natural wood colour *Colour may differ from piece to piece

Physical Development: Wooden car push toys encourages movement in one form or another, children will repeat activity over and over in order to master them, great for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Cognitive and emotional development: Encourage imagination and creative play while your children are playing with these toys, allowing them to see things in different perspectives.

Durability and Longevity : Can be used as decorative piece once they grow-up, or even be passed along from child to child and even generation to generation.

Beech Wood , Sapele wood ( dark shade ) with a nontoxic finish

What’s in the box:
Dolphin Round Bead Cart , a piece of sandpaper and jute pouch

After care:
Wipe with damped clothes and let it dry, may re-polish it with jujube oil or wax

Suitable Age:
8 – 18 Months

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