Premium Wooden Pretend Play Foldable Kitchen Set


A dream come true for our little chefs. With this cooking set, your child can cook, fry and stew with the kitchen utensils. Best still, they can let the family taste their yummy recipes with some seasonings too.

Serve as creative giftset for your little chefs to play and to improve their hands-on ability, social skills and imagination capacity. It also synthesizes their knowledge and skills

Size: 20 cm (H) * 24 cm (L)* 30 cm (W)

Weight: 2.3kg

Product details: 9 kitchen utensils including chopping board, knife, ladle, pepper container, frying pan, spatula, salt container, pressure cooker and pot. A main stove with storage shelf

Materials: Made from durable, recyable materials that meet the safety requirements (Beech Wood and Eastern Black Walnut Wood)

This wooden playset has no sharp edges and finished with smooth surface. No varnish, no paints, no oils, nothing to worry about!

It features two sections, a storage and a stove with three wooden knobs. When you turn the wooden knobs, you can even feel the ‘katcha’ sound as though you are turning a real stove knob.

Suitable age: 18 months and above, with parents’ supervision

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